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About us

Betty Carrier was a strong-willed, single mother who raised 3 boys on her own while passionately running various locations of a Mexican restaurant company in Houston, Texas. At work and at home, Betty was known for her intense love, loyalty, and ability to make any stranger feel like family. She didn’t have a lot, but she had her boys and practiced a “Whatever It Takes” approach to balancing the demands of running restaurants with the demands of raising 3 sons alone. Loving and leading her family while setting an example of her tireless work ethic is what drove her to excel in all the Mexican restaurants that she was a part of.

Passing in 2010, Betty had instilled in her sons the passion for family, work, and Mexican food! Though she is no longer with us, her love for her family, her guests, and the food will forever live on. Her work is done, but her passion for Mexican food lives on.

Nothing is more powerful than a mother's love. Betty was a testament to that. Mama Betty's is named after Betty Carrier, but is a tribute to all mothers - All women who put their family first and have the "Whatever It Takes" approach to their family. We are all here because of them, and Mama Betty's is here to honor them. ¡Salud!